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Easy access to computer pornography is a major problem that has arisen from these advances and many institutions are suffering the consequences. But there has been no easy way to deal with this menace - until now.

Please take a moment to view some of the Eyeguard endorsements from some well known publications:

"Eyeguard is the Catch of the Day on Red Herring"

"Eyeguard is as about as impressive a program as I've seen in 1999" - Boston Globe

"Eyeguard is more than 98 percent accurate in pinpointing porn" - The Dallas Morning News

PCBuyer magazine Eyeguard review 8 on 10 stars by Alex Rieneck

Eyeguard is a major deterrent that acts as a permanent watchdog guarding each PC at all times. Using sophisticated image analysis, Eyeguard checks the images being displayed for excessive skin tones, thereby protecting the user from pornographic images. Once installed, explicit images displayed on the screen from any source will automatically be blocked - immediately. The PC will then remain unusable until the supervisor unlocks it. Alternatively Eyeguard can act as a watchdog, detecting unacceptable images silently, leaving the PC user unaware. In both cases the relevant images are stored in a central log, so that the teacher or IT manager can examine the audit trail of each users activities.

Eyeguard has a dual security benefit. It blocks pornography in a highly visible manner and its very presence on each PC will deter students from attempting to load such material.

Unlike conventional Web Filters that can only eliminate known pornographic sites, Eyeguard protects from the actual site content. This affords complete security from any pornographic sites and will complement any existing Internet security program already in operation.

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